Thursday, April 24, 2008

Welcome Mat

So classes ended last night; our group did a presentation on a new product concept for my company Local Matters. It went really well, even got a few good ideas for the product from my classmates and professor. However, I think we could have done a bit better in two areas:
  • Market Size - We had some rough numbers of number of movers but didn't go into how many Realtors were out there. We also didn't project how much of the market we hoped to capture in order for the product to be viable.
  • Financials - I think having a break even point and also some idea of how that equates to market capture rates would be good. Also some specific monitization numbers as far as what we would expect to charge realtors, how much ad revenue we could expect for each product in the customers hands.
I might try and work on these items a bit more as I have time. Almost seems like one could take this idea and spin it off into a company!

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