Saturday, May 24, 2008

GTD, Round 2

So last fall I spent a couple of weeks getting myself into the Getting Things Done system. Read the book, bought a filing cabinet, labeler, etc and got down to business. Everything went well, I got myself organized and set up a system to track the infamous 'next actions'. I was attempting to use Remember the Milk to track my tasks along with a small notebook for storing tasks while I was mobile. This worked for a little while, especially for schoolwork but fell short for non-school related tasks as I didn't have the list on me except when I was online. I even got an iPod Touch so that I could access the list while I was mobile (and within reach of a hotspot). Suffice it to say the system fell into disuse, although I still have the filing cabinet and all my files organized.

This weekend I decided to give it another go with a different task tracking system, made famous in the 'Hacking a GTD Moleskine' blog post by Eston Bond. I picked up a Moleskine notebook and 'hacked' it in a similar fasion described in the blog post. I spent the morning going through my overflowing inbox and processing everything and feel pretty good about this system. Of course the true test will come with time but I like having something tangible and not depending on a device to keep track of my next actions.

I'll make another post in a month or so with how its working out.

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