Thursday, August 2, 2007

Bubble 2.0?

Ran across this on Ajaxian this morning, apparently PC Mag has an article by John Dvorak that espouses the new 'Web 2.0' bubble, aka Bubble 2.0. While I share some of his initial sentiment; I think he could have provided a little more backup than six bullet points supported by a sentence each. If you are going to make a broad claim such as: "I can assure you that after this next collapse, nobody will think of the dot-com bubble as anything other than a prelude.", you need to put a little meat behind your justifications. I hate to burst his 'bubble' as it were, but if you just look at the VC funding numbers, as provided yesterday from Venture Beat, you can see we are far from anything near the amount of financial commitment to this new wave of technology sites as we saw in 1999/2000.

So while I do agree we are headed for some sort of critical mass of mobile-user-generated-social-networking widgets I don't think one could expect anything even close to the scale of the 1999/2000 bubble. Unless of course we are only at the beginning...

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