Sunday, August 5, 2007

Jam On It!

So this weekend I went to an event in Denver called the 'Legends of Hip-Hop' tour. It was mostly on a whim, my friends gave me a call on Friday night and pretty much gave me no choice, I 'had' to go to this show. Turns out I'm really glad they called; we wound up down at the Paladium in Denver to see some of the founders of the modern Electro / Hip-Hop scene.

The line-up was something straight out of 1983; Angel, Egyptian Lover, Debbie Deb, Newcleus and Freestyle.

Highlights of the night were Egyptian Lover rocking the TR-808, Newcleus getting down to 'Jam on It' and Freestyle doing 'It's Automatic' live. I wasn't big into hip-hop in those early years but my friends, Lex and Mad Wax who have been producing and DJing Electro and putting on the Vocode radio show for the past several years, have really made me appreciate this music. I still get a tingly feeling when I hear that Vocoder and the crisp beats from the 808.

I shot some videos with my phone which should be up online in the next few days so I'll make sure to post a comment with a link for anyone who is interested.

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